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We are living in an age of huge advances in the pharmaceutical and medical worlds. Most of the advancements in medical technology and health science is astounding and have miraculous potential, and we are most grateful for them. Preventative healthcare, joint replacements, improved diagnostic measures, all are of great service to humankind. As the healthcare system has grown, so has the siloed function of services, segmenting care by body parts, organ systems and functions creating different classes and types of care and services. Unfortunately, communication between these systems isn’t always the best it could be. Human beings are a profound blending of mind, body and spirit. These elements of our humanity cannot be separated and still yield full wellbeing. We are one, holistic living and integrated healthcare is the key.  We are more than flesh and blood.

We are an integrated being of mind, body and spirit

"Fear not who you are.
Your gifts lie deep within you.
Grow like the sun rises."

Sandra L. Place

Follow the way to wellness

To Express is to Create and to Create is Divine.

EXPLORE The Whole of You!

Engage in life!  Dive in and wrap yourself with joy!  Surround yourself with people, things and experiences that ground, guide, and foster your growth and human potential.  Create your experiences intentionally and create and digest expressions of this light that touch your soul, revitalize and renew with presence, and healing.  Learn who you are, make your own path, experience resilience, and join us along the journey.  Here, at this waystation, you will learn many methods and supports to help you on your path to wellbeing.

  • Sandra L. Place
    Snow drifting downward, Tiny worlds in dawn's splendor, Crystals resplendent."
    Sandra L. Place
    Of Time and Space ©
  • Sandra L. Place
    "The Nightingale calls, The owl welcomes the darkness. I wish for such wings."
    Sandra L. Place
    Of Time and Space ©

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Sandra Place

Sandra Place has lived a life of rich experience and education. She holds a graduate certificate in Holistic Health and a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, both attained at Western Michigan University. She has had a highly successful career in Healthcare Administration across the continuum of care and now consults and educates in this field.


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